Order Your Own YL Essential Oils

Welcome to your first step in bringing the power of essential oils into your home!

You are about to create your own Young Living Essential Oils account. You will have your own username and password and be able to order essential oils at wholesale prices. You can open your own wholesale account in Canada at no cost and can keep it up and running by ordering a minimum of 50PV per year. For all of you outside of Canada, you must purchase a Starter Kit in order to receive wholesale pricing.  There are a variety of Starter Kits available starting at $40.

I do however, recommend you begin with the Premium Starter Kit, as it is the best introduction into oiling…and you get so much more bang for your buck!

The Premium Starter Kit includes…

1.  The Every Day Oils Collection

2.  The Home Diffuser (valued at $96 USD retail)

3.  Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide as well as other booklets and information about Young Living.

4.  A bonus 5 ml bottle of Stress Away Essential Oil

5.  AromaGlide Roller top.

6. 2 Sample packets each of Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, and Peace & Calming essential oils.

7.  2 NingXia Red 2 oz samples.

8. A Product Guide and Product Price List.

By purchasing your Premium Starter Kit, you will save over $80 USD and be well on your way to filling your home with natural, chemical-free health options for you and your family.

Once you have your wholesale account set up, you can order as many oils as you like at anytime with no obligation. Or you can set your orders up on the Essential Rewards Program which will benefit you in the long run. See FAQ’s below for further details.

Now when you click on the link below, you will find yourself at the sign-up page. It’s all very simple from there…

1.  The first thing you want to do is choose the country in which you live.

2.  You will have the choice to sign up as a customer or as a wholesale member. By choosing WHOLESALE MEMBER, you will save 24% on all the product you purchase. I’d recommend that choice because I like you. *smiles

3.  The enroller and sponsor numbers will already be filled in, so you can leave those be.

4.  Fill in your own personal information where you see the * symbol.

6.  Create a username,  password, and PIN.

7. Click the Terms and Conditions Box, choose your kit (*hint: The Premium Starter Kit….because it’s the best!)

The rest is simply following the directions to complete your account and purchase if you made one.

Now, here’s your sign up link!


Happy Oiling!


FAQ’s at sign-up…

1.  Does it cost anything to sign up for an account with Young Living?  It doesn’t cost you to sign up as a wholesale member if you live in Canada.  Outside of Canada, you do have to purchase a Starter Kit to receive wholesale pricing. There are many kits to choose from, but they vary from country to country.

2.  Am I obligated to order product every month?  No you are not. You can order what you want, when you want. Your account will only become inactive if you do not order a minimum of $50 USD of  product for an entire year.

3.  Am I obligated to use the Essential Rewards Program (autoship)? Absolutely not. the advantage of using the ER Program is that you will benefit from discounted shipping fees, qualify for monthly promos, receive first access to limited products, and earn back 10-20% of your monthly order as reward points to put toward buying products in the future. Best part? No catch.

4.  I don’t really want to sell oils Do I have to be a distributor or Young Living to be a wholesale member?  Absolutely not! There is no obligation to sell Young Living oils, but you may find yourself sharing!

If you have any questions at all about the sign-up page, please don’t hesitate to email me at thepeppermintwind@gmail.com and we can do it together!

*And please feel free to post a comment or ask a question in the comment box below if you have any concerns!

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